"Tool Correction System" that adjusts the tool edge of machine tools in micron units

In order to break the conventional knowledge that "correction up to the micron range is impossible", a technology that fuses "actuator" and "pressure control" using an elastically deformable structure devised in Germany is being used to control in micron units. It has been highly evaluated in the machine tool industry and the automobile industry and has accumulated many achievements.


"Measurement device" that measures parts machined by machine tools in micron units and feeds back judgment

Measurement micron errors in machined parts in harsh factory environments. A "feedback measurement system" for automation that corrects the tool edge by feeding back the data. We respond to quality confirmation and management at customers' manufacturing sites.


"Vibration measurement/monitoring device" that contributes to high-quality, high-precision machining and productivity improvement.

We will visualize and monitor the machining status for contribute of machining accuracy improvement, productivity improvement and labor-saving/unmanned machining. By monitoring at the vibrations, we can detect abnormalities and signs of such abnormalities, and improve the rate of operation the machine. We will provide edge tools that are more easier to use with digital wireless communication and sensing technology and aim to evolve into mechatronics products with "concepts beyond common sense."